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Sunday, July 08, 2007

letter From Pakistan :Comment is free Red Mosque (lal Masjid) pakistan

Finally Pakistan Army Generals start to take action against the "THE REAL INFIDELS" the Mullah in the Burqa (keeping children hostage and running away from Jihad dressed as a woman) mullah Abdul Aziz very funny.Mullah Burqa-vaganza ( drama about mullahs staged by Progressive Ajoka Theatre) was banned by same Army generals because of fear of same Crazy Mullahs.

When we were little, school jokes were about a Super idiot Maulvi Abdullah "Stop being a nutter like Maulvi Abdullah" we didnot know that this particular Mullah was a crony of Dictator General Zia, (father of current religious minister the rushdie suicide bomber joke) the behind the scenes King maker idealogue of Islamist Dictator - Maulvi Abdullah was the notorieus father of Mullah Aziz and rashid the Evil brothers- probably he was the Rasputin of Pakistan, a villian in pakistani street culture.
the Current Ghazi rashid was a rebellious Play Boy in Quaid Azam university, later to become a terrorist prince to inherit the evil Emire of his jehidist father (similiar to Usama bin Laden)

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