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Thursday, June 07, 2007

Catalogue of Horrors in Pakistan: Dil Nawaz columns banned

Quaid Azam university & Hood bhoy

My Friend (supposed well wisher) my childhood buddy, activist of Islami jamiat Talba in Quaid Azam University, sent me a thinly veiled polite reminder " get out of way or get your fingers burnt"

1st Email: verbatim
Dear friend I didn’t read your last articles but today I get time so I spend some time to read you current article No offense, WHAT THE SHIT your are writing I can comment on each single line of this article but first I want to ask you what is you GOAL you want to achieve from these kind of tactical Dear friend you sounds very very pessimistic and I feel sorry for you. Really sorry and BTW(By the way) this is not ( which was )my friend. I would like you to be optimistic and also to study Islam a bit so that you can learn the facts of life as well ( again no offence) When we are out side the country then we are NOT supposed to have any Official /documented feelings for Peoples party , Muslim league or jamat i islami , officially WE ARE ONLY PAKISTANI and we have to defend PAKISTAN CLEAR?????? I want to see in your actual that how things are changing fast around the world and how Pakistan is trying surviving even his always are NOT Capable of doing what they are supposed to do.What option Pakistan have +++ Listen, write 1 article in 1 year but write what your are proud to share Keep in mind, what ever you write, in the result of that writing if even a single person get positive attitude or will do some thing good you will also get reward form ALLAH and if even a single person get a negative attitude then you will get punished Keep it in mind , you are getting part in a SADKA_I_JARY becoz ur article will be on net and I can be viewed even might be after 6month+++ so make it some thing we all be proud of, Come on, Pakistan is still much much better then all decadent european states then why you are doing this?? Looking to have a correct version of the article come on be responsible if you want to be in a writing club Wish u all the success and may ALLAH guide all of us to the right path 2nd artical NOT bad but lack of professional touch i appreciate the criticism on personalities BUT NOT on pakistan, i think if I can provide some good official URLs or book name and reference then your radical views will be consider on more serious discussions lastly, i highily recommend you DO NOT base your articles on the news items of bbc, cnn and and always but serious reference of the information you are sharing cz that makes the difference between the articles in naway wakat and and the articles on bbc and abc etc other international stuff and professionals people

2nd email : verbatim
friend supposed secular and neo liberal journalist staffer at a group of newspapers in Pakistan,
" dil nawaz is officially banned from newsprint"

hi hope u b fine ur story my source which publish but he denied he said he cannot publish such a story especially in present Circumstances where every single line of newspapersnews act as a burning stick.....
there are names entire story is about muslim Extremists and also u r using name of jameha hifza nowadays pakistani politics is like bullshit who will enter wil be dirty

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